Midwest Management Inc
Our Mission, Values & Responsibilities

Anyone can buy and operate a hotel franchise at minimum standards. Our mission at Midwest Management Inc. is to operate at the highest possible standards in order to earn repeat business and top reputation.
      ~ Rocky Pintozzi, President

The Pintozzis are a family of true hoteliers, and we owe our success to values we learned from our mother, Hazel.

We have true pride of ownership, which we believe makes all the difference in providing quality hotel products. When we build or buy a hotel, we do so with the intent of holding on to and investing in it for the long haul.

We recognize the importance of staying on top of trends and being willing to continually invest in keeping our properties fresh and modern for our guests.

We perpetually monitor guest feedback to ensure that our hotels are managed and maintained to the highest level possible.

Our mom used to say, "When you take care of your employees, your business will take care of you." We remind ourselves daily to treat our staff with the same loyalty and respect that we would a family member.

Most importantly, we train our employees to share our values and provide the kind of quality service they would expect as guests of our hotels.

How is this working for us? We invite you to take a look at these unsolicited guest comments about our properties on TripAdvisor, the benchmark for consumer travel sites:

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